Two cuties and a recipe.

Two cuties and a recipe.

Who is this toddler, and what has she done with my baby?!
Also, very grateful for borrowed skinny jeans
(I can barely contain my giggling every time I look at her adorableness!)
and vibrant sweatshirt. Ack, I just can’t stand it!20140206_104603

Obviously, my focus is way out of whack (‘cuz what mom in her right mind would ever focus
on her thighs, amiright?!), but I couldn’t help but capture this moment Jaeda had with George.
She loves him like a brother in her tackles and like a baby doll in her diaper changings.20140205_151719

Do you make your own hot cocoa? I did once out of necessity (because hot cocoa after long 4-kid
days IS a necessity) and have never bought a mix since. I think it’s safe to say that Corban
concurs. See, we have a deal. I get it all, and he gets the last sip. And boy, do I hear it if I don’t
save him his last sip! (And he only gets a sip because the end of this cocoa is pure cocoa goo.
Should I allow my 3-year-old this pleasure? Absolutely not. Do I anyway? You better believe it.)20140206_150332 20140206_150325

Recipe for single serving homemade hot cocoa

1T cocoa powder
1T sugar (I always use maple syrup because it adds such a nice flavor!)
1t vanilla
1c milk

Play around with your sugar to cocoa ratio. Less sugar, more cocoa; you’ll figure it out.
Honestly, I never measure this. A spoonful of this, a splash of that; you really can’t mess this up!
Also have fun with almond or peppermint or whatever you have in your cupboard; your taste buds will thank you. (Just halve the vanilla.)

  • Warm milk over stove or in microwave in not-your-mug.
    Milk makes this a RICH treat!
  • Place all ingredients in bottom of mug.
  • Pour small amount of warm milk in mug and mix well, pushing all clumps out.
    If you put the milk in before your cocoa mix, my experience says your end result will have clumps of unsweetened cocoa…which is pretty rough on the buds.
  • Pour rest of milk in, and slowly mix together.
  • Enjoy joy joy! Corban and I certainly do.
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