Not ashamed to say it: It’s our anniversary!

Not ashamed to say it: It’s our anniversary!

I’m a bit of a blabbermouth when it comes to anniversaries. You never can tell how generous people will be toward those celebrating, and I’m always willing to chance it.

“Yeah, we’re just checking in here for a weekend without the kids. Celebrating seven years of marriage, can you believe that?!”

“Oh, it’s just so wonderful to be in this beautiful restaurant. We were looking for something just this nice to celebrate our anniversary. Yep. Seven years.”

Well, it worked and got us free dessert at our lovely dinner out (maple créme brûlée!) and an entirely too large bottle of celebratory champagne. (Side note: fancy dinner out included an appetizer of cheese curds. Yes, I combined fancy and cheese curds in the same sentence. They.were.heaven. I vowed to never eat another Culvers’ cheese curd again, which lasted for two days at which point we ate at Culvers where we always without exception order cheese curds. One must eat cheese curds to live happily, but one will never know true happiness until the marriage feast of the Lamb, where there will most assuredly be Dayton Street Grille cheese curds.)

This year we took to the streets of Madison. Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids for us (with a little daytime help from a local Gracie–thanks, Mary!), and we got two glorious days to spend reflecting on our seven years, wining and dining, movie watching, and gift card shopping. And praying because we’re reading the diary of George Muller right now and WOW is it changing the way we approach the Lord in prayer. But that’s for it’s own post later. Our time together was magical. I even woke up Saturday morning thinking, “Wow, I feel so satisfied, so happy I could go home right now! Hmm…don’t hold me to that.” Speaking of waking up Saturday morning. It happened at 5:00am. FIVE A.M. Can we do that on any other ordinary morning when waking up so early would benefit our time with the Lord or streamline our breakfast routine? Big fat nope. But when you’re on vacation and you haven’t slept through the night in four nights because your kids are whiny or sick or hungry and you have an entire night where your biggest care is should I drink my champagne now or after a hot shower, somehow that quality of sleep fuels you until you couldn’t possibly sleep more and there’s just so much life to live and LET’S GET MOVING. As I roll over to check the clock again at 5:30am, James whispers, “You’re awake too?” “Yes.” We close our eyes and vow not to speak again until 6:00. It’s VACATION after all.


Officially, this sign says “Marigold’s,” but we thought
just “Marig” worked pretty well for our purposes.

James sees design inspiration in everything. Remember our family verse that he’s
working on designing to place in our dining room?  It’s been a real challenge to fit
so many words in it. Perhaps this will be the direction he’ll go instead…


  • Alisha Miller
    Posted at 16:16h, 07 January Reply

    Happy anniversary, dear friend!!! I agree about sleeping in- it’s impossible to do anymore!

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