Christmas Twice

Christmas Twice

Once at home, starting with the Christmas story.
Bought this nativity from an Etsy seller ($20, painted and stained?!).
Love it specifically because it’s a bit abstract which allows for plenty
of imagination and the kids can’t break it! Win-win:)


We gave the kids three gifts each…and they couldn’t even open them all!
Spent plenty of time playing and had to save some for Wisconsin.

And then again in Wisconsin.

This fun (giant!) tent came in a package our mentors had ordered…
from their woodworking store. Yeah. They were confused. But since
their grandkids are all boys, they passed it along to us!


Cars were one theme of the year. Corban’s cars all seem to have
personalities. They become friends with each other and have
fights and the like. We love watching him play.

photo 3

Dr. Steele was giving Erin’s dog, Amber, a checkup.
Me: Goodnight, Corban.
Corban: Mom, call me Dr. Steele.
Me: Goodnight, Dr. Steele.


And this was our attempt at a group shot. Three-fourths, not bad.


Grandmas are great for playing puzzles.


Grandmas are also wonderful for baking pies. And allowing little preschool helpers.


Grandpas are wonderful for carrying precious cargo around.
Free rides for everyone! ;)


Grandparents are also the best for reading book after book after same book.
Except, of course, this weekend only, Corban didn’t want to read nearly as many
books as Grandma was up for. Don’t worry; there’s always next time!


Love, love, love this. Sweet grandparents loving their grandchildren
through reading. The Reading Room as James called it. Precious.IMG_0063

Be still my beating heart (and heart that pumped enough blood for that little cutie).
Mmm mmm mmm…what a precious daddy and daughter.

These magnets were a smash hit Christmas gift!


 And of course, it wouldn’t be winter in Wisconsin without snow! We’ve had some difficulty getting Corban to enjoy the out-of-doors. He doesn’t like wearing the big puffy coats; we don’t have waterproof mittens; and the obvious–it’s cold. We’ve forced and pushed and encouraged and had fun, but boy, has it been a challenge! Well, Dr. Steele fell down in the snow, and our excursion was almost lost. But when I helped him up, we noticed he had made a little chair. And voila! He became a snow carpenter, making little snow chairs and couches all up and down the curb piles. Crisis averted; snow play success!

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