The Color Run

The Color Run

Team Baby Steps tried their hands feet at a 5k last weekend.
This young, hip, super stylish group of moms (there, we all feel
better about ourselves, right?) had.a.BLAST. What a FUN race!
No times, no first place, no age-brackets. Just pure color fun.
So if you know me, that was a little disappointing. Even if I don’t
win (or even come close, sigh), I like to know “what I got.”

But the atmosphere at the race was crazy chaotic FUN. Even
our men and babies got in on the cool vibe. (Which, by the
way, can we stop to say THANK YOU for driving an hour there,
waiting an hour+ for it to start, another wait for us to race,
and another to choose our brunch location. I will. THANK YOU.)

DSC_0239 DSC_0242 DSC_0245 DSC_0252 DSC_0257 DSC_0258

They waited and stared and meandered (and apparently
got really excited about rocks) and waited some more.
(Sorry not everyone got equal camera time. The red hair
must take precedence! ??)

DSC_0264DSC_0262DSC_0263 DSC_0269 DSC_0270 DSC_0271 DSC_0272

And then we finally rounded the bend! So fun, so messy, so very colorful.
Corban wouldn’t touch me (“You’re so messy, Mama!”) but then cried when
I ran away from him. Make up your mind, child! (Enter a little more waiting.)DSC_0275 DSC_0277 DSC_0278

And then. We finished! We were happy and messy and hungry
(along with the wee ones). The blue paint took a while to get off,
but I think I can officially say I am paint-free 4 days later!

DSC_0279 DSC_0280 DSC_0284 DSC_0286 DSC_0288 DSC_0289

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