Some random Steele news.

Some random Steele news.

We bought a mini van.
It’s a ’99 Honda Odyssey.
180,000 miles.
Suuuuper cheap.
It’s our save-up van…
the one we’ll use to save up for the reeeeeal van.
But it already has a sweet spot in my heart.
Even though I wasn’t sure I was ready to be a mini van family yet.

In other news, if anyone wants a 2003 Pontiac Aztek with 193,000 miles,
let us know. We’re asking $3,000, buuut we’d love to sell it!

I have 4 kids once a week (of course, 2 are mine).
When storytime starts back up at the library, I have a
neighbor and a friend who are planning to help me get
them all to the library. But Tuesday, I decided to try it myself.
Guess what? IT WORKED. (Much better than having Owen
& Corban alternative walking blocks. We’d still be walking
RIGHT NOW.) Could I do it every day? Nope. But once-a-week
superhuman strength is doable. And there’s that adrenaline rush.


Now that Jaeda’s taking 6+ steps at a time
(whaaat, I haven’t recorded it yet?!
the poor second child…sooon!)
Anyways, Corban’s been taking cats and puppies…
and Aiden by the hands and “walking” them around the house.
He loves being the big helper.DSC_8230

Jaeda’s hair is now long enough to be put in whole-head pigtails.
I’m totally obsessed with them. There’s a whole ‘nother post just for the piggies.DSC_8245 DSC_8247

Corban’s been a little extra…curious lately.
This is acrylic paint from James’ real art supplies.
(I think I’m done taking phone calls during the day.)

See his hand prints on his face? Interestingly enough,
he is like his father Adam. When he knows he’s done
wrong, he hides his face from me and James. He.knows.DSC_8278 DSC_8279But I still had to record the moment. Hopefully that
didn’t give the deed unwarranted attention. Corban
was pretty distraught about the whole thing afterwards.
We’ll seeeeeeee.

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