Corban James is Falling Down and a Song to Fight Worry

Corban James is Falling Down and a Song to Fight Worry

They say kids are resilient.
They say boo-boos go away.
They say “don’t worry.”

We are testing those sayings. To the max.
And these parents are feeling weary because of it.

Remember Corban’s dog bite…that reached up to his arm?
And his nursemaid’s elbow that resulted in a cast?
Not to mention the standard bumps and bruises all boys (all toddlers?) get.

Last week, Corban pushed his chair away from the table too excitedly
and ended up with a 2cm gash
that required four staples.


Yesterday, two hours after his staples were removed
(throughout which he was screaming, “I want my staples back on!”),
he tripped at the castle park and split his lip open.
I tell you, I’m gonna need some anxiety meds if this keeps up.

(Btw, he had a 102.5 fever all last night–we know ’cause he was up
8ish times. Sad face. Anything to look for regarding infection? Or could his
body possibly be upset with the latest injury and be in some state of shock?)


People tell us we must have a real dare devil on our hands.
We don’t! He’s not a climber, not super reckless, not all that crazy.
He just plays HARD. He runs hard, pedals hard, jumps hard, kicks
hard, bounces hard, hits hard, serves hard, and even scooters hard.


“Be careful, son!” “I can’t hear you, Mom.”


I cling cling cling to Philippians 4:6-8 in these days.
I don’t worry about everything. But when I do worry,
I do it like it’s my job. Suddenly my husband was in a
car accident, my son passed away in his sleep, my
unborn child will not survive, my daughter has an invisible
disease…you know, just the standard worries here.

I don’t mean to make light of worry. In fact, it was such an issue for us a few years ago (back when James was laid off…for seven months…during the summer months when I wasn’t getting paid…and the car we had just purchased with our hard-earned cash died) that for James’ birthday, I wanted to give him those verses in a way that he could remember them, commit them to memory so that God’s Word could crowd out the voices of worry screaming at us. So I took an old tune I had written in college and placed God’s Word to them. Songs are so helpful for memorizing. I thought I’d share this song with you here. Not at all because I’m a great singer or song writer. I love singing, but there’s no American Idol hiding here on Main Street. Promise. But mainly because I know I’m not alone in my worry. And when I try to reason my way out of worry, it seems downright ineffective. I have found that God’s words themselves are my best weapon, better than any logic I can conjure up. So here they are in song form.

Fight worry today with the Sword of Truth.

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