WI for the 4th

WI for the 4th

We went to Wisconsin for the 4th. Although, you’ll notice that there are no 4th-like photos. Namely, no fireworks. Truly, it’s a tragedy…and perhaps a first for us. We decided to travel on the 4th itself, so we could have breakfast in the cute Chicago suburb of Uncle Tom’s internship.

DSC_7297A starving baby always cries.

DSC_7302 DSC_7308

Traveling during the regular awake hours of children (instead of 4am or 11pm) was hard…on them and us! Once we arrived, we just couldn’t muster up the strength to make the drive back out to Madison. We even forgot to pick up sparklers for the kids, but it would have taken many baby tears for them to make it to dark to fully appreciate them anyway. Such a different 4th for us. But so fun in so many other ways!

DSC_7314Only two hours (of driving) left. Let’s do this!

We went to the zoo with Grandma Steele. TheĀ freeĀ Henry Vilas Zoo. The kids loved it. Well, Corban would have loved it more had we not tried to shove him up right next to the animals, and Jaeda would have loved it more if she could have touched every single animal!




DSC_7329Hot babies!

Other events for the weekend included a bee sting on Corban’s thumb, two of the nicest (most innovative) parks I’ve seen, thousands of mosquitos, a quiet evening chatting with James’ folks about schooling, the River Valley 50 Years of Wrestling Celebration (including video footage of high school James wrestling, quite the scrappy guy!), a worshipful early morning run, and even time to read (and finish!) a couple books. Such a nice pace of life for a few days.


We had fun; thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!

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