Kid crafts that don’t work.

Kid crafts that don’t work.

If you’ve kept in touch with us much through this blog, you well know that I love doing crafts with kids. As in, it’s thrilling for me to help little ones experience the joys of glue and paint and stickiness and pom poms and scents and mess and paper towels. But for every great project out there, there’s an equally ridiculous one. While I love a good craft, I much prefer art, projects that have no required outcome.

This post is dedicated to two of the ones that were too much mom and not enough kid.


We moms cut out the hearts, punched holes on both sides, ripped off the letter paper,
dabbed glue on the backs, placed them appropriately on the hearts, and tied the hearts together.


Happy faces, but I’m pretty sure they would’ve been happy with many other simpler crafts.


Corban was tired of waiting for his turn, so all I got of him was his name at the end.


This next project started off great. Painted hearts for some Vday fun.


The notches were for lacing yarn around and around and around. Sounds fun and
developmentally challenging. Her toddler did it. (Sorry, can’t remember where I
saw it; somewhere on Pinterest, duh.) How hard could it be?


Yeah, this is what Corban thought would be fun to do with the yarn instead.


We totally have fun with most projects and even these misadventures are
still learning experiences. It’s my pleasure to bring art to my son…and
the kids of my friends (cuz c’mon, art is more fun with a gaggle of crazies…
and not-so-secretly, it brings me great joy!). Thanks for indulging me, friends. :)

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