Babysitting Fun and Hashtags

Babysitting Fun and Hashtags

As the fill-in babysitter for the past few weeks, Owen and Corban and I have had some great play time. Here’s a little peek at some of the ways we’ve passed our time…

We got these great new cars from Grandma Steele.
Owie and Corban enjoy playing with them…everywhere!

Owie was fascinated with the beetle he found in the basement.
He squealed with delight at the way it wriggled through his fingers.
#itsunderhisfinger   #boysaresogross

The boys are quite helpful with chores around the house.
Dishes are always the first request. #canilickitbeforeiputitaway

Corban still calls his family on the teaspoon.
He’s learned how to hold it between his ear and his shoulder,
so he can do other things while talking. #proudmultitaskingmoment

I’ve implemented silent reading time for the boys.
We’re up to 15 minutes; my goal is 30, you know…for their sake.

We received a not-too-breakable nativity set as a wedding gift,
so I decided to let the kids play with it. In addition to blowing their
trumpets and shouting “Glory to God!”, the characters also take naps.

One thing I don’t have as much of while babysitting is time alone with just my kids.
This morning was so fun to have them lay next to each other on the rug and just be friends.

But even with babysitting, I still find time for some craftiness.

Stockings: Corban’s decal for this year is a wooden spoon,
to represent his love for stirring…and his need for spankings!
Jaeda will get her first decal next year!

Felt Christmas tree: coming in the next post…

Can somebody please tell me why hashtags are so much fun??

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