It’s so fun to have playdates to watch the kids learn to interact with other little people

and to chat with other moms too, of course.

We recently had our friends EJ, Becca, and Mom Karey over to play with playdough and do some spray painting (water + food coloring).
The most requested formation to make? A ball. Go figure.

EJ really just wanted to eat the bottle.

Pink Punk Jaeda

EJ & Corban practiced sharing.
I think it went pretty well. ;)

Becca, looking so pretty with her pink headband.

Such a handsome boy!

Jaeda’s been practicing self-soothing by sucking on her fingers. Yay!

Oh-so serious Corban.

Aaand more chewing. Seriously, that kid wants to chew on everything!

Princess Becca with rambunctious boys in the background.

The other sleeping angel.

Figuring out how to put the cap back on the bottle.

Doing what boys do best–wrestling!

Karey, rolling one of at least a hundred playdough balls!
Corban, waiting patiently (or not) in the back.

Thanks for coming over, Karey!
Let’s do it again soon!

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