We moved (umm…two weeks ago)!

We moved (umm…two weeks ago)!

We didn’t get nearly as many moving pics as any of the previous moves.
Something about managing two kids in the shuffle…

“Papa called on the remote; it’s for you, Mr. John.”

Mr. John, doing a great job pretending.
He’s about to be a dad himself, you know!

Very few things left in the 730 sq. ft. apartment.
Angie assisting in the cleanup.

Corban helped “label” almost all the boxes.
And a shirt.

And some shorts.
And part of the floor. 

Caption: Find the baby in the pile.

I guess moving wasn’t quite as rough on him as I was expecting.

Moving & Sliding – Wi-Fi (here’s a tiny movie)

 So many more people helped us than are pictured here.
• cleaning the new house
• sorting
• packing
• loading
• unloading
• watching the kids
• cleaning the apartment

People even made us meals! We specifically did not ask for help in this area, since we had just gotten meals when Jaeda was born. (Don’t wanna burn out our friends!) And yet our dear family here volunteered to bring us meals (and this momma was not about to say no!). It was such a thoughtful gesture and one much-appreciated. A huge thank-you to ALL that helped us.

Could we be more blessed?

“And my God will meet all your needs [sometimes even when you don’t ask!]
according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” -Philippians 4:19

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