Newborn Cloth Diapers

Newborn Cloth Diapers

My bestie Janelle (or in “Borbie” terms “Nelle”) asked what kind of diapering we would do until Jaeda was big enough to fit into our Smartipants. I was seriously considering buying some newborn cloth diapers, since we’re pretty sure we’ll need them again…someday (don’t get too excited just yet; give us some time, people!). Well, Nelle threw out the idea of making newborn diapers. Yes, you read that right: making. What started as a collaborative project ended with all her. Well, and her mom. And Neighbor Becca. But mostly Janelle.

Here’s a link to the pattern we she used.

And here’s a sampling of the cuteness!

A snail.

Two birds.

A paper airplane and trail!

Some of the waterproof fabric (PUL) was cheap but pretty ugly.
So we covered it with my old t-shirts! (Yes, my daughter wore John Deere!)

She also made another style of diaper called a Flip diaper.

The inserts, made from microfiber washcloths and suede.

The cover.

See how the insert fits inside the cover?
Then when it’s wet, you just replace the insert, not the whole diaper…

unless of course, you have a blow out and the cover gets dirty. Blah. 

All bundled up.

Thank you so much, Janelle!

And a word to the wise:
Friends don’t let friends make them cloth diapers,
at least not when the 20-hour project takes 50+ hours
and they have their own baby at home to care for
and they’re about to start the next school year
and the baby they’re making them for decides to
stay small enough for them for only one month.

Jus’ sayin.

Love ya, sista!

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