My Instagram{ed} Life

My Instagram{ed} Life

Have you heard of Instagram? It’s photo journalism at its finest. I’ve never participated because you have to have an iPhone or iPad. I don’t have an iPhone, and let’s just be honest–an iPad’s not that handy to carry in your back pocket and whip out on a whim. Well, I started playing around with it a couple weeks ago, when we got this adorable new subject ;) that just had to be photographed. Not sure how dedicated I’ll choose to be with it, but it’s been fun for now! Here’s a little peek into the past couple of weeks via Instagram. (You can follow us, if you’re into that kind of thing, at theredsteeles.)

My sleeping beauty.

I deleted literally over 100 photos that looked like these from the iPad.
Somebody’s getting a little too familiar with technology…

I enjoy a good Words With Friends game during nap time.
I recently discovered on the iPad that if you choose the “Pass and Play”
option, you can play both sides of the game. How thrilling!

Jaeda has outgrown ALL her newborn outfits.
This shirt never got worn, which is a true tragedy.

A group of us friends got together…with all our kids
(not sure how long this can last!) and tried to get a
group shot. It was mostly disaster. And hilarious.

I was trapped in my house for hours on Tuesday…because of a spider.
*shiver* (He’s on the door frame way over to the right, although I’m sure
you can see him fine without my saying so.) Only just this morning was he
obliterated by Neighborhood Hero Kyle, when the spider showed
up on the desk…during my Bible study! *shiiiiiiiiiiiiver*

Avah Jae was born just 10 days before Jaeda Jane.
Their older brothers are close in age too; how fun!

We were at the park, watching the storm roll in across the lake.
Thing about storms rolling in is that eventually…they arrive!
We booked it out of the park and waited a few minutes in the car
before venturing through the torrent inside our cozy apartment.

We call this the storm before the calm.
Give her 10ish minutes, and she’s out (shorter
if Baby Whisperer VanKleeck is around).

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