Second time around

Second time around

One thing I was super anxious about this time around was swelling. Being big pregnant in the winter meant that no one could see my ankles cankles, since they were always covered by pants. And the lines left on my feet by my shoes were known by no one else as well. So being big pregnant in the summer…well, I was pretty worried.

But check it out!!
No swelling…at all!

I’m even still wearing my wedding ring! ‘Member when I couldn’t with Corban?

Other differences:
Little to no hip/back pain.
No PUPPPs this time around. (Most likely ‘cuz this one’s a girl.)

So why these differences? Well, here’s what I’ve noticed:

  1. I’ve been drinking tons more water. It’s all James’ fault; he bought me this water bottle that keeps my water cold (or my tea hot) for TWELVE hours!
  2. I’ve been getting biweekly and now weekly adjustments at the chiropractor. I remember when I was pregnant with Corban that I would collapse at the first step of getting up in the middle of the night to pee; I hurt so.bad! I am basically pain-free (yikes, is THAT all about to change…)!
  3. Last time, I’d get home from work, crash on the couch, and wouldn’t move until bedtime. James made dinners, did dishes, and more! But this time, my “work” involves a bit more moving up and down (but I’ll be honest, teaching ESL I traveled those hallways a TON), aaaand at the end of my “work day,” there’s still a little critter that needs cared for. I won’t lie: I still get to sit on the couch in the evenings, but nothing like back in the good ol’ days. ;)
Just to remind you of said little critter:
But some things haven’t changed.
I’m still a fruit hound this time around. (Eating a peach even as I type,
which is a bit tricky if you know anything about peaches!)

And I’m still huge!
There the Lil Lady is at 37 weeks, officially full-term!

Her ETA is two weeks away, buuut I’ve got a (hopeful!) feeling it’ll be sooner.
Only God knows, and I’m so thankful He does!

  • Angie Leopold
    Posted at 11:32h, 11 July Reply

    I remember the ring problem with Corban :-)  I’m so glad you’re feeling better this time around!

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