Crafting: Bag Meltdown

Crafting: Bag Meltdown

Lest anyone be under the mis-impression that crafting
always goes according to plan, this post is for you.

I love that iron-on sticky stuff, and I was planning to use that to write out the
word “CARS” on a canvas bag, so all of Corban’s cars and road blanket can be in one place.

This, however, was not a canvas bag. It was polyester.
Cue meltdown.

It left a pretty cool (and pretty stinky!) decal on the iron!

Aaaand the ironing board.

That polyester bag turned to right to liquid, which was terrifying in smoke but easy to wipe off.

Cue Plan B. New bag. Sadly, I only had a white bag with a decal already on it.
So I just covered up the decal with this old fabric scrap and ironed “CARS” right on there.

My ever-faithful crafting, cleaning helper Ty, proudly holding our finished product.
See. Even Plan B’s can be great!

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