Hand, foot, and mouth (and elbows, knees, and bottom)

Hand, foot, and mouth (and elbows, knees, and bottom)

There’s good to having your kids interact with other kids.
And then there’s sickness.

We spared you from any “bottom” pictures, for his sake AND yours!

We had a bad go of hand, foot, and mouth disease.
Went through 10 kids at church…that we know of.
He seemed to handle it well.
A little fussy from the 102.9 fever (this momma was getting nervous!)
and a little sore from the bad diaper rash (it even bled!),
but we’re all still alive and relatively none the worse for wear.

  • Uncle Don & Aunt Deb
    Posted at 05:11h, 16 April Reply

    So so sorry to hear about Corbin. Poor baby. I totally understand why you were worrying. I always did too. I would rather be sick myself than to have the kids go through it. I hope he improves quickly. How are you feeling? Did I hear it was a girl?!? Hope all is well with your pregnancy. Take care. Love and Prayers. U Don and A Deb!

    • The Redheads
      Posted at 05:14h, 16 April Reply

      He’s mostly down to scabs now; yay! And yes, you heard correctly; we’ve got a little girl on the way!

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