A cardboard box

A cardboard box

If you remember from my previous post, we got a double jogger.
Apparently, the best part about my new toy…was the box.

Um. James fits in it, too?!

We have spent literally hours crawling through this thing in the past week.

Corban’s buddy Luke loves the box just as much, although I’m not sure why
they both must travel through it in opposite directions at the very same time.

Well, the box started getting tired and kept falling over.
This is how Corban feels about the toppled version of his new favorite toy.
This is also how Luke feels about Corban’s silly tantrum.

Luke, taking notes on tantrum technique.

I put my college degree to use and problem-solved our way out of disaster.

Now it’s up against the bar, taking up a little less space.
Hoping they’ll forget about it so I can just throw it away! :)


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