Cloth Diaper 411: Q & A

Cloth Diaper 411: Q & A

Q: Is it difficult to cloth diaper?
A: This is where a husband’s opinion is valuable–because if he’s not on board with you, you’re gonna be stuck changing all the diapers!

James: “They are no more difficult to use than regular diapers. Seriously, no difference. You put ‘em on just like regular. Then you put ‘em in a bag instead of a trash can.”

There you have it. Easy peasy.

Q: What about the poop??
A: Regarding poop, Corban just had his first bite of solids today (!), so we don’t have to do this quite yet, but once the poop gets bigger/thicker, you’ll have to dump it before placing it in the bag. I don’t know what that’s like just yet, but from the sounds of it, you don’t have to spray it clean or anything–just get the big stuff off. Officially, all diaper companies–disposables included–have a statement about placing poop in the toilet. Here is Pampers’ statement. (Click on “Helpful Hints,” then scroll down to “Waste Removal.”) What?? you say. That’s what I said, too. I had no idea, and you’d think no one else did either.

Q: Does your baby get more diaper rashes?
A: Corban has baby eczema, so I’m having a hard time telling what’s that and what’s a diaper rash. He does have a little rash at the top of the diaper where it rubs, but our doc says that’s totally normal. With cloth diapers, it’s even more imperative that you change them every 2-3 hours because they don’t have chemicals that “wick away the moisture” (although they try to with the type of cloth they use). They keep the kid pretty much feeling wet (which is supposed to seriously expedite the potty-training process, buuut we’ll see!). Like I mentioned in a couple days ago, I’m considering trying the Rockin’ Green detergent.

Q: How are cloth diapers for overnight?
A: To prevent overnight leakage, they recommend buying extra inserts and doubling up for overnight usage. We tried using it overnight twice: once it leaked and the other time it didn’t. Not sure what the difference was. The reason we haven’t done it since is because we STILL have disposables from our showers! So we decided to use the disposables exclusively at night until they’re gone. Then we’ll consider getting more inserts. When Corban was taking two hour naps (where have they gone??), I would fold the insert inside the diaper–in a sense doubling up the front where he needed more coverage. That seemed to work pretty well.

Well, folks, there you have it. My short experience with the cloth diaper phenomenon. We’re truly very happy with this choice. Hope you were able to find something useful in here. And while I consider myself no expert, if any other concerns/questions come to your mind while you’re doing your own research (or if you find any information that I need!), feel free to hit me up!

  • Alisha Miller
    Posted at 14:23h, 10 June Reply

    We cloth diaper. Sophie goes up to 8 hours in a diaper at night without leaking as long as she’s in the right diaper (she leaks out the legs in some). Also, no rashes here! She got one the first three days we switched to cloth but has been good for the 2 months since then!

    • The Redheads
      Posted at 14:27h, 10 June Reply

      Wow, that’s awesome that she can go so long! What diapers are you using? Corban goes back and forth with rashes. Hey, he’s a fair-skinned redhead, what can I say? :)

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