Cloth Diaper 411: Wipes

Cloth Diaper 411: Wipes

If you decide to go the cloth diaper route, you should really consider cloth wipes. You’re already doing the laundry, and it saves you yet another expense. So my goal is to convince you: it’s easy! :)

Cloth Wipes
We purchased our cloth wipes with gift cards given to us. See my previous post for how much we dislike them. That being said, I love our flannel ones. We have wipes as small as 6″ x 6″ and as big as 8″ x 8″. I think I prefer the larger ones–more coverage for my fingers! If you have extra receiving blankets that you don’t need or don’t use anymore, they make fabulous wipes. Janelle made our flannel ones out of flannel pants she found at Goodwill. All the tutorials I have read recommend sewing two squares together to make a thicker wipe. Personal opinion–keep the sewing machine in the closet; it’s not necessary. Well, the sewing machine would actually be handy to sew around the edges of the wipes you cut up–keeps them from fraying.

Wipe Solution
Making your own wipe solution is easy peasy.

1/4 c baby wash
1/4 c baby oil (choose your favorite scent!)
1 c hot water

But storing the wipes was something we just weren’t sure about. We registered for this wipe warmer where we thought we would keep our wipes. How you use it is you dampen your wipes in the above solution, roll them up, and keep them in this warmer. Then you pull them out just like a regular wipe container. However, I felt a little funny about needing a separate apparatus that needs to be plugged in (plus, it’s kinda bulky). Additionally, I’m not entirely sure how many wipes the warmer holds (since we ended up not using it), but it can only be a day or two’s worth, which means you’d need to make the solution quite frequently. (Great, now no one will buy it at our yard sale next month!)

So I did a little more research on how to go the “dry-wipe” route. So here’s how we do it. We keep our wipe solution in a spray bottle and spray either the wipe or Corban’s bottom (strangely, he loves it!) and then wipe away. The above solution lasts us several months, and even when I do have to make it, it only takes a few minutes.

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