Cloth Diaper 411: Smartipants

Cloth Diaper 411: Smartipants

There are a number of things I like about Smartipants cloth diapers.

+ Like I mentioned yesterday, they are a one-size-fits-all diaper (7-35lbs, per their website). We started Corban in them when he (finally) hit 8lbs. While I’m curious how potty training works with cloth diapers, he’ll fit them until he’s potty trained!

+ I like the snaps as opposed to velcro–snaps are supposed to last longer. My only experience with velcro right now is from my bibs. Even though I make sure they are “fastened” when I put them in the washer, they inevitably come apart and stick to everything else by the end of the cycle. I don’t know if that would happen with diapers (but I don’t want to risk it!)??

+ They just came out with a new line of colors…about a month after I put in my order! :( And while Smartipants doesn’t have prints, they do have some great fun colors–boy, girl, and gender neutral!

++ I think the very best part of them is the insert–it comes out in the wash! No other cloth diaper does this. No touching wet, nasty inserts! So when I take it off during a diaper change, I just throw the whole thing in our hanging bag. Once the bag’s full, I just dump the diapers in the laundry (and then every other time or so, I dump the bag in too). I find this is a little more of a hassle with front-loaders, but still pretty hands-free. When you switch the load to the dryer, the inserts and covers are separated. Magic! I line dry the covers and machine dry the inserts. (Although once warmer weather hits more consistently, I’ll prolly just start line drying everything outside!)

+ What makes their inserts “smart” is what also makes them easy to fold–they have an opening on either end of the diaper.

Again like I mentioned yesterday, we did buy a sample pack of Smartipants (it contained 3 diapers) to try them out first. They say that every diaper fits every kid differently, so we wanted to try them out before we bought them all. I wasn’t opposed to trying different brands and then picking our favorite. I just loved the “smart sleeve insert” and really wanted Smartipants to work for us. If I had hated them, then I would have tried something else.

Here’s a video review from a fellow “Smartiparent!” :)

And here’s a video from Smartipants YouTube channel showing you how to snap the diaper on the smallest setting:

Tomorrow’s topic: maintenance (aka laundry!)


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