Cloth Diaper 411: Getting Started

Cloth Diaper 411: Getting Started

Q: How many cloth diapers should you buy?
A: We have 27 cloth diapers. A lot of my research said 36 is a good number to shoot for as far as laundry issues are concerned (that’ll be part of Wednesday’s topic), but my drawer where I keep them could probably only hold 30 max.

Q: How much did you pay?

A: Smartipants sells a 24-pack for $280. We originally bought a 3-pack for $36 to try them out (I highly recommend doing this–all diapers fit all babies differently!). So all told, we made two one-time purchases totaling just over $300. That’s less than $14 per diaper! Not bad, eh? (Definitely on the cheaper end of cloth diapering without sacrificing on quality. Check out this price comparison chart for some brands of cloth diapers.)

Q: Where do you store the dirty diapers?
A: We use the Smart Pail and hang it on the back of our door. We wanted to use it as a reusable liner in a trash can, but our trash can was too big. I like this bag because it zips. Amazingly, there is NO odor in Corban’s room! (He’s not on solids yet, so…maybe that will change??)

A: For the diaper bag, we use the Smart Tote. Again, easy and odorless.

Q: How did you choose which type of cloth diaper to use?
A: Two things were important to me. (1) I wanted snaps instead of velcro. I had read it lasts longer but was afraid that it would be harder to use. Not the case at all and glad that I did. (2) I wanted a “one-size” diaper. Many brands offer a sized diaper–small, medium, and large–but since our main objective in using cloth diapers was to save money, this just didn’t make sense for us. The one-size diapers snap to adjust to different sizes. That being said, when you’re using them on the smallest setting, they are a little bulky. Not a complaint; more an observation.

Q: Do you really save money with cloth diapers?
A: A resounding yes! Check out this table I made up (of estimations). The disposables prices are based on and the cloth diaper prices are based on Smartipants.

Item Price/Month Price/Year Alternate Price/Month Price/Year
Disposable Diapers YEAR 1 $50 (250 diapers per month) $600 Cloth Diapers YEAR 1 $30 (24 diapers) $300
Disposable Wipes YEAR 1 $12 (450 wipes per month) $144 Cloth Wipes YEAR 1 $5 (50 wipes) $60
Disposable Diapers YEAR 2 $40 (173 diapers per month) $480 Cloth Diapers YEAR 2 $7.50 (6 replacement diapers) $90
Disposable Wipes YEAR 2 $8 (300 wipes per month) $96 Cloth Wipes YEAR 2 $0 (10 replacement wipes–learn to make your own!) $0
Wipe Solution $.83 $10
Energy costs for laundering I don’t know what these are; we haven’t seen a significant increase in our bill!
Total after

1 Year

$62 $744 $30.00 $360
Total after

2 Years

$110 $1,320 $47.50 $450

So what do YOU think about cloth diapering?

Tomorrow’s topic: why I chose the Smartipants diaper.

  • Stephanie
    Posted at 18:23h, 09 May Reply

    Thanks for this!! We might try with our next one, so it was so good to get some info!

  • Molly Vesperman
    Posted at 11:59h, 09 May Reply

    Sarah! I am loving your blogging about cloth diapers! I was very intrigued when you said you were using them and am glad I can learn from your experience for us someday if we choose to use them. I think it’s great that they don’t pollute the earth as much as disposables. I can’t wait until you blog about laundering them…….that’s what I’m REALLY curious about. :) Keep up the great work (blogging and mommying)! Happy belated Mother’s Day, too!

    • The Redheads
      Posted at 14:22h, 09 May Reply

      The best part about being a mom to your child is that you get to pick and choose which advice to take. Hope you can find something helpful in here! :)

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