ThredUP is an online clothing swap system. You pay $5 per medium-sized flat rate USPS box + $10.95 S/H. The $5 is great, but the S/H really tacks on quite a bit.

Deal Pulp had a great deal where you could purchase a box for $6 total, so I decided to give it a try.

Here’s what came in our first box (yes, ALL of this in ONE box and ALL for SIX dollars!).

Here are a few of my favs.

I think this one might be a bit of false advertising. ;)

All told, there were 28 items in this box. Now, to be fair, I only purchased 6-9 month clothing, so they’re smaller than clothes for a 14-year-old.

What I like about the site is that you can select gender, size, and season for each box. You’re given a list of all items and brands represented. Some people upload photos, but it’s not required. ThredUP likes to give you a surprise.

What I don’t like about the site is that pictures aren’t required. Maybe I just need to relax a little. This box came with no pictures, and there’s only one shirt that I really wouldn’t have purchased myself. You also pay to buy but don’t get paid to sell. The $5 is a fee to pay for the site employees and the $10.95 is to cover S/H. So basically, you’re paying to be “in the club.”

So you say, why not just go garage sale-ing? Good question. It’s one I’ve been considering. With garage sales, you’re definitely hit or miss with finding appropriate genders, sizes, and seasons. But. At least you get to see and feel the items.

I guess the jury’s still out on

I need some help processing. What are your thoughts?

  • Laura
    Posted at 11:21h, 02 March Reply

    I got the same deal, except I had some credit on dealpulp so I only paid $1 for the box… and it’s a good thing. My box really stunk! I got clothes for Jackson and 4 out of 7 things were noticeably stained and then 2/7 were just badly worn. Thankfully the one thing I knew he would be excited (Wall-E swim trunks for this summer) were in great condition so at least I only paid $1 for new trunks for him :) It seems like you scored though!! Love the items! I don’t think I’ll use it again… just my opinion though :)

  • Rachel
    Posted at 10:57h, 02 March Reply

    wwweeellll, everyone knows that i LOVE garage sales…in fact my husband says that i am a bit obsessed ;)
    my mom and i go to them pretty much all summer…and yes, it is hit or miss…but you if the people running it know how to write their advertisement, then it’s easier to wade thru them BEFORE you drive around…and my mom and i have bonded so much with garage saling…we take turns driving so we share that cost
    that being said, it can still be a waste some days…but the good days make up for those days :)
    i bought this same deal on
    but i was skeptical as well with no pictures
    i liked that people put the brands/description of items but no pictures?!?!?! weird
    i like to see and touch the clothes as well…
    anyway, that’s my two cents worth! :)
    i am now more relieved to use thredup because of your post though! thanks!

  • Deborah
    Posted at 17:43h, 26 February Reply

    It sounds like it would work well in the winter months when garage sales are not easily found. Going online removes some of the charming features of a garage sale hunting day, though: seeing different neighborhoods, hearing the stories behind the items, spending time with the people you enjoy sale hunting with, etc.

    • The Redheads
      Posted at 05:52h, 27 February Reply

      Appreciate those thoughts, ladies! I doo love the garage sale treasure hunt. I’ll still go this summer, and then maybe see what I still need and get that from ThredUP!

  • Ruby and Avery Plank plus Asa Plank make 3.
    Posted at 16:34h, 25 February Reply

    HAHA!! short bald and handsom!! you mean short red haired and handsom!!

  • Karyn
    Posted at 15:51h, 25 February Reply

    i LOVE this idea…here’s my thoughts. keep in mind, i don’t have a baby but i also really LOVE sweet deals. This seems like a great deal despite the s&h… here’s why. garage sales in Indiana ONLY run spring and summer usually and like you say…you may go garage sale-ing ALL morning and find…a few things…or NO things… factor in gas and time spent and i think you’re up to 16 bucks right there. These are just ADORABLE! And if you’re really worried about what things look like you can always just get the boxes with pics and not the ones without… but with the first box coming without pics…i would say it seems fairly reasonable!

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