Adventures in cloth diapering

Adventures in cloth diapering

There are a lot of band wagons to join lately–organic, green, reusable, homemade, do-it-yourself, and–one that we’ve decided to jump on–cloth diapering.

After doing lots of research, the brand we decided we liked most was Smartipants (yes, they all have equally ridiculous names). The two best things about these diapers–(1) they’re one-size so he’ll be in these til he’s potty trained AND his siblings will be able to use them and (2) the wet inserts come out in the washer, so you don’t have to touch the nastiness!

Here’s a peek into Smartipants at the Steele’s house:

James made fun of me for organizing them by color, but what can I say? They look fabulous! (We've also decided to go the cloth wipe route. Even disposable wipes are expensive without good coupons!)

The hamper (that totally keeps the smell zipped in--amazing!) takes up no floor space--just hangs on the door!

I wash them every other day. They take a little time to dry, but it's cheaper this way!

The snaps are so convenient--waay easier than the old cloth diapers. He's still pretty small (almost 9 pounds, though!), so they're a little big on him. But they'll grow with him, so I like that.

My big boy (bigger now with these diapers!). Hey, at least his pants fit now! :)

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