Choose your own adventure.

Choose your own adventure.

Janelle and I have this thing where we like to take our husbands on really super amazing double dates. Well, what better time to do that than when I’m on maternity leave and she’s on Christmas Break? Here’s how it went down:

The Game:

The boys didn’t know the topic or the reason. They were told to pick any picture that they could agree on. They were much smarter than we gave them credit for, and guessed many of the places before we got there! We totally get creativity points, though! (We were inspired by this awesome website:


On our way to Mystery Location #1: Lunch

Hee hee hee. We're giddy with excitement of our sneakiness!

Ta da! (They chose the bison.)

Group shot! (Corban's in the front--sleeping beautifully!)

Where to next, boys?

To the Steele's for a board game! (They chose wooden boards. Well, they actually chose a matinee--pic of 3 o'clock--, but...we got a little nervous what with a baby and all that noise.) comment.

Aunt Janelle :)

Decisions, decisions

A walk in a winter wonderland?? Hmm...

Tee hee. We love the mystery effect!

Dairy Queen for a snack and...a funny book? Weird. (They chose a crown.)

The boys *thinking* they had figured out our strategy.

John. And James. Riiiiight.

Off to the Ditmers for our final stop--an Italian dinner. (They chose a gondola.) I was totally dominating John in Wii Tennis. Good thing the baby started crying!

The doting father. He's a keeper. Well, they both are.

Corban kept himself entertained. With strings of all things.

Spinach & cheese stuffed noodles. Yum!


What an incredible (and exhausting!) day we had! What FUN!

P.S. Sorry about the weird photo formatting. I give up.

  • Angie
    Posted at 06:02h, 14 January Reply

    This was so cute!!! What fun ideas and creativity!

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