Baby Steele’s First Photo

Baby Steele’s First Photo

Baby Steele 11 weeks in the wombI am sure many of you have already seen this on Facebook. Bear with us; we are a tad overzealous parents-to-be.

Here are the stats:

Week 11  //   Aprox. Due Date: Dec. 3rd, 2010  //  Size of Fig

At the moment we found out about our gift, “Squirt” was the size of a poppy seed. To date Squirt has grown to the size of a fig! (Apparently a fig is approximately 4.12 cm.) Our baby’s just growing so fast *insert new parent baby voice here*! Seeing this ultrasound and holding our baby’s first picture (one of many to come, we are sure) made the reality of having a baby seem a bit more real.

Sarah has been feeling much better this week. However, the past few weeks have been pretty rough in the mornings. Her appetite has been slim. She has, however, been devouring fruits and veggies like a vacuum. Guess that’s better than devouring doughnuts and goat doobers! An answer to prayer is that God has removed much of the anxiety that troubled her during the first several weeks. It is amazing to see God’s Word used as a sword.

James talks to “Squirt” like an experienced father. He is already deeply smitten. He has doubled up on his chores and has “banished” Sarah to the couch during this first trimester. What a servant’s heart.

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